Discord integration

This Discord server is directly integrated with Evo-Web.

This means, if you wish, you can log into Evo-Web using your Discord account (after you've linked your accounts together).

You don't need to do this, however, by linking your Discord account together with your Evo-Web account you will also confirm who you are within the community (your Discord name will be set to your Evo-Web name and you'll appear with a green name in Discord to show that you're linked up and a member of Evo-Web).

To link your accounts just go to Connected accounts and follow the Discord instructions. You will be asked to give Evo-Web permission to view your account details; make sure to authorise these permissions.

We don't store or access any other information from Discord. For more information please read our privacy policy.

If you have comments/suggestions/questions please let us know!

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