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evo switcher

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    Evo switcher does not change anything in my game

    Hi, I bought the PES2019 yesterday. I have the data version 5.1. when I install evo switcher and enter the game, and nothing changes, neither the licenses, nor the logos of the equipment, nothing. I installed version 3.0 4.0 4.1 4.2 and none gave me results. I have the sider 5. Obviously having...
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    PES 2019 PC crash on BAL

    Hi everybody, my game crashes when i launch a game in the BAL mode, i am using evoswitcher, autoswitcher, sider and DPFilelist. Can someone help me ? I was with Montpelier and I got transfered to Tottenham Hotspur and its can be Europa League, FACUP or PL game, it will crash and I don't know why.
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