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evoswitcher pes 2019

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    EvoSwitcher no anthems

    Hello everyone, Maybe someone can help me. So, I installed the Evoswitcher 4.0 and 4.1 for the newest PES version. Everthing works fine, but the anthems, like Champions League or Europa League aren't playing. In the Menu etc. they are, but not in the entrance scene of the game. I heard, that you...
  2. S

    PES 2019 PC crash on BAL

    Hi everybody, my game crashes when i launch a game in the BAL mode, i am using evoswitcher, autoswitcher, sider and DPFilelist. Can someone help me ? I was with Montpelier and I got transfered to Tottenham Hotspur and its can be Europa League, FACUP or PL game, it will crash and I don't know why.
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    Evoswitcher not working no more

    Hi the Evoswitcher version 2.2 Is not working no more with the Konami DLC 2.0 Can someone help me please?
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