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fifa 19

  1. M

    FIFA10 2019 Patch

    For more details please Contact Me : My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FIFA10BYTIM/ MarianTIM's Superpatch 2019 Content (size 4.1 GB ) All updates from my previous Patches are included. See more info Here...
  2. wima_2

    Faces with no Textures

    Guys anyone know why there is no texture for some players?? I have this issue with George Weah & Beckenbauer the directory does not have any texture files. This apply to FIFA17, FIFA18 & FIFA19. I'm using Frosty editor Please help me to find the texture.
  3. wima_2

    FIFA19 Mesh Exporting

    Hi Guys I'm facing problem with mesh files exported from FIFA19. I use Frosty Editor and export the mesh as fbx file. Then I import the fbx file in 3ds MAX 2017, but it's look corrupted like shown below. Any Idea why it's look like this? here is the mesh file if anyone can...
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