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  1. AeroProfil

    PES 2019 - Stadium Screenshots (Mods and Original Stadiums)

    Hey there, i decided to open a new thread to post some of my screenshots of stadiums in PES 2019. Some of these even make me think if this is even a game or real life. I will try my best to also put links for the modded stadiums in. Enjoy :D Allianz Arena (made by MJTS-140914)...
  2. MrHawk

    Scoreboard help

    hey I have been looking around but have a really hard time to find out how I can replace the BEIN Sports on the top right corner with a picture I have? Is this possible with evo switcher, and where and how do I do this and put the files. :/
  3. FP96

    Premier League Teams with Championship font?

    I've noticed this for a while, but during ML most of the teams in the Premier League have the EFL Championship name/number font. It doesn't seem to occur on Exhibition Mode, which is odd. Anybody know how to fix this?
  4. I


    Task for all the experts who work editing PES 2019. It would be important to be able to count on the classic uniforms, kit model, with tight-fitting t-shirts and shorts. To give more realism to the classic teams (RETRO) and the players Legends that come in PES 2019. At least the possibility of...
  5. V

    Defending through balls??

    Does anyone have any tips? I'm leaking goals constantly because of this. I have my defensive line set as deep as possible but still I fall victim to a simple ball through the middle over and over again. It's really frustrating. My most recent game I was 3-0 down at half time, all as a result of...
  6. R

    Trying to find Team Play Lobby players

    Hi everyone! I'm back here since dog knows when. Bought the 2019 PC version a while ago and have been playing randomly offline and online games. I like it alright, but I'd really love to have a go at the Team Play Lobby games. I've checked out the rooms every now and then and haven't yet found...
  7. AoN

    Looking for something a bit different?

    Episode 14: This is a BAL series with injected story that has everyone talking! Jose Mourinho says he can't get his players to focus in training because they are tslkonhvabout Wayne Bowe Zlatan says he sees a lot of himself in the young superstar This series will take you through the trials...
  8. S

    Update to Legend edition

    I bought the normal version of PES 2019. But I play My Club and I see a lot of people with more players and stuff. But I want to update my normal PES to the legend edition. Is that possible? I would be strange if that's not possible because where I bought my PES the didn't had any legend...
  9. its999maggle

    PES 2019 Feedback Thread

    The answer to most problems is proper communication. Might as well try it here. There have been many issues noted by a lot of people about the game, and a lot have complained. But complaining won't get us anywhere. It's time we draft a proper message to PES Productions and send it over, while...
  10. V

    Face Scans Missing

    Has anyone noticed that both Naby Keita at Liverpool and Kean at Juventus has generic faces in PES 2019 despite having face scans last year?? I guess it's something to do with the fact that they were only re-introduced to the game with the live update this morning but surely this will be fixed...
  11. Lami

    PES 2019 Discussion Thread (PS4, XB1)

    Well the game is out. Time for a new thread! Let the games begin. ---------------------------------------------------- (Courtesy of @PRO_TOO) Genral Information: Manufacturer: Konami Developer: Konami Genre: Sport Game Max Payer: 1-4 local, 1-x online Technical Specifications...
  12. its999maggle

    PES 2019 Discussion Thread (PC)

    Alright people, PC Thread, go!
  13. flokiman

    ..::Poll:.. PES 2019 turning and dribbling animation

    I created this topic to gather votes in order to request KONAMI developer team to change/rework turning and dribbling animation in PES 2019 (as seen in gameplay videos), I think the "sliding/ice skating" feel is much more present this year, compared to previous year releases. Please vote if...
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