pes 2021

  1. Josuasxaq

    Create a new league in pes 2021

    Hi, I'm new to the community when it comes to game mods and I have a question that I'm still looking for, can I create a new league or tournament from scratch in pes 2021? or taking advantage, can I change the number of teams in a league? For example, I want to modify the Colombian league that...
  2. DwaNeStaR

    AC MILAN MASTER LEAGUE OPENING DAY CRASH *pes 2021 season update with virtuared*

    I have got PES 2021 season update with Virtuared...and i am playing master league with AC MILAN but the game crashes when i wanna play the season opening home game. It does not crash playing exhibition games..or when i skip the opening game..and play the second home game the game works..but only...
  3. A

    Crystal Palace Selhurst Park Pes 2021 Camera Problem

    in the real view of this stadium , there is a spare hut in front of the camera. but in the game, the camera is different . guys you know how we can fix this ? . see real view . and see his appearance in the game . how do I turn the camera ?
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