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  1. Hoshii

    PES 5/6 expert guide book DVD's

    Hey there Retro Players! I just got my self a used expert guide book for PES 5 - but it came without the corresponding DVD. Does anybody know where i could find and load those online? Would appreciate it.
  2. O

    The PS4 PES Most Like The PS2 PES's

    Hi All I used to play PES’s 2 – 6 to death on the PS2. Although I can appreciate the advances in realism the games have made, I think they suffer as video games because of this. Where your imagination would fill in the blanks on previous versions, I think it’s a case of the closer the games...
  3. P

    New PES 5 Online Server

    Hi, I made PES 5 Online Server, based on Fiveserver 0.4.8. To play PES 5 online in this server, please register at, and paste this text at "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" file: # stun
  4. M

    PES 5 Stuttering Windows 10

    Hi. I have a stutter in PES 5. Beginning of the match is normal, but in the middle starts to stutter. Sometimes stuttering begins from the start of the match. I tried turning on Vsync in Nvidia Control Panel, put compatibility with Windows XP SP 3 but it didn't help. I have installed dx8 to dx9...
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