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  1. Taddei

    PES 6 SPEC MOD 98-99

    Hello, my boys. As this is my first post here on EvoWeb's forums, I'd like to start by thanking you guys for keeping the older Pro Evolution Soccer games alive to this day. It's really good to see such a great community dedicated to modding and editing the PES games, those mods brought lots of...
  2. Hoshii

    PES 5/6 expert guide book DVD's

    Hey there Retro Players! I just got my self a used expert guide book for PES 5 - but it came without the corresponding DVD. Does anybody know where i could find and load those online? Would appreciate it.
  3. O

    The PS4 PES Most Like The PS2 PES's

    Hi All I used to play PES’s 2 – 6 to death on the PS2. Although I can appreciate the advances in realism the games have made, I think they suffer as video games because of this. Where your imagination would fill in the blanks on previous versions, I think it’s a case of the closer the games...
  4. Simo981900

    Pes 6 Online Help Me

    Who can add my patch name to his server. my patch name : Pes Hawk Patch for contact us : thank you
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