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  1. G

    Control multiple teams in cup mode Pes 6

    Hi guys, sorry for the spam recently but I’m sure this will be my last question for a while. Is there any way to control multiple teams on cup mode? (I’m trying to recreate the 2006 World Cup). I’d like to play every match but choose what team to play as. So far I’ve managed to play as all home...
  2. miguelfcp


    2050 AD. Many had their doubts and wouldn't listen. "The Planet is on Fire!", they said. "We have twelve years to act!" others claimed. Perhaps the most popular was the "We Have To Do Something!", even if nobody could agree on what Something was. Sure, they didn't get their predictions right...
  3. stavrello7


    EPL ONLINE LEAGUE COMPETITION SUMMER TRANSFERS 2019 >> COMPETITION RESTRICTIONS < Connect and play only wired (Wi-Fi is not allowed) Create an account at Pes6Stars server Only users live arround Greece allowed (European mostly, main reason is to avoid lag) Play with Pro Evolution Soccer 6...
  4. Simo981900

    Pes 6 Online Help Me

    Who can add my patch name to his server. my patch name : Pes Hawk Patch for contact us : https://web.facebook.com/PesHawkPatchs thank you
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