1. flokiman

    ..::Poll:.. PES 2019 turning and dribbling animation

    I created this topic to gather votes in order to request KONAMI developer team to change/rework turning and dribbling animation in PES 2019 (as seen in gameplay videos), I think the "sliding/ice skating" feel is much more present this year, compared to previous year releases. Please vote if...
  2. Orhainmalz

    ML Default Poll 1: Forwards

    The votes can go to: Barota (Balotta/Baroja) Castolo (Castello) Burchet Njorgo (Njord) Huylens (Huygens/Oranges102) Ordaz Hamsun Ostwaut (Ostwald) Fouque Minanda (Miranda/Marinda) Vote now! I'd go for probably Hamsun and Huylens, to be honest. The former has a lasting 80 overall peak on PES...
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