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pro evolution soccer 6

  1. Taddei

    PES 6 SPEC MOD 98-99

    Hello, my boys. As this is my first post here on EvoWeb's forums, I'd like to start by thanking you guys for keeping the older Pro Evolution Soccer games alive to this day. It's really good to see such a great community dedicated to modding and editing the PES games, those mods brought lots of...
  2. K

    Pro Evo 6 on 360

    I recently re-bought pro evo 6 for my old xbox360, and I am trying to get edit mode on there, is there anyone who is more technically skilled than me who has a source to a game save or something similar where I can have edit mode?
  3. Simo981900

    Pes 6 Online Help Me

    Who can add my patch name to his server. my patch name : Pes Hawk Patch for contact us : https://web.facebook.com/PesHawkPatchs thank you
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