1. M

    Master League not progressing (2021)

    Hey guys, So far this year on 2021 (PC) I've had two issues with Master League, both using different patches. The first was when my ML got to a certain date in November, then would crash to desktop as the calendar is moving through the days. Never really tried to fix it as I needed to update a...
  2. Z

    kit-server (EVO - PATCH)

    Hi guys Where can I get the official kserv.lua file to set properly EVOPATCH to use your kitserver configs? I'm playing PES 2021 thanks
  3. Dayman Velázquez

    Problem sider database

    Hi guys, can someone help me? When i use sider to pick a stadium, all the players database becomes the initial one, for ex keylor navas at real Madrid and all players like in 2019, why its happening this?
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