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1/4 - Netherlands vs Brazil - poll (Evo-Web predictions wrong)

1/4 - Netherlands vs Brazil - poll

  • Netherlands win

    Votes: 21 35.0%
  • Brazil win

    Votes: 35 58.3%
  • Draw (120')

    Votes: 4 6.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


25 October 2007
São Paulo FC
I think you are too hard in your judgement.
Reading various forums there are many Brazilians who completely break off their national team. I understand you guys are very disappointed but Brazil have so many good players that they can make two equally strong national teams.
That makes the choice for Dunga so hard.

A football-match do not always end in a win for the favorites, that makes the game so interesting.

You won the title 5 times, but history is no insurance for new successes.
You're right, I'm not surprised after all.
I blame Dunga for this, he's arrogant and wasn't flexible to bring good players to the bench (mainly in the midfield > Josué, Kleberson, Baptista, Melo)


Its just Reality
24 January 2006
Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands)
A.C. Milan
Brazil in the first half should have attacked more to get the the 2nd goal - wearing the blue jersey they looked like Italy - all behind the ball and ineffective on the break.

They were so tired from defending that when the goal went in they couldnt get back on the offensive. Dunga was directly to blame for how they played but if Melo gets out of the way and didnt have a meltdown then Brazil probably win because Holland was piss-poor.

Kaka - I hate to say it but he looks past it - his pace is gone and his control is not what it used to be.


World Cup Winner
29 July 2003
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Imo we did attack to get the 2nd goal... Stekelemburg was absoluty amazing in that kaka shot... Juan also missed a great chance...

Imo it just wasnt meant to be.


2 August 2004
Not only for this macth, but imo Julio Cesar was THE let down of the world cup... one so called "Best gk in the world" didnt make any save that impressed me, like that save of stekelemburg on kaka's shot in the 1st half.
Yeah, he had a poor world cup.

I'm one of those who always sings his praises though and rates him extremely highly. I still do. He's an amazing goalkeeper! Only Casillas and a fit not out of-form Buffon are better than him in the whole world.

For me, actually pre-match, I saw this as a 50-50 but the difference in quality of Julio Cesar and Stekelenburg is one thing that made me give Brazil a slight edge and think of this as more like 55-45. Then he goes and does that while Maarten makes a couple great saves and now Holland is in semi-finals and one-foot in final while Brazil are out.

p.s. I heard his wife is Ronaldo's Ex. True


Its just Reality
24 January 2006
Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands)
A.C. Milan
But Kaka was very poor (throughout the tournament) and yes ok it was a good shot that forced a great save but there were too many times when Brazil should of been flowing forward and they just didnt/couldnt.

To me Netherlands were nervous in the first half and Brazil lost it (their composure) once the first goal went in.

I dont think Dunga's antics on the sideline helped the team either but I do agree he was a good Manager for Brazil who picked "his" team and had a system that has been very effective and won tournaments. My only comment from the start of the World Cup was he had no alternative to Kaka - if Ricky was poor, got hurt or suspended what would he do.

I would ask you one question brunnoce - what is it like in Brazil, I know the country wanted the team to win but commentators didnt like how Dunga's team played and how Ronaldinho and maybe Adriano werent picked. Who do the people blame more - Melo or Dunga?
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