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Damien 123

29 January 2006
How can i put 3 option files together for example one has the championship which i wanna keep one has scottish prem which i wanna keep they all overrite different teams none conflicting just on seperate files

please please help and i will post it


Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
You can't have more than one option file on one memory card. Only one will be recognised and loaded.

To have more than one you will either need more memory cards or keep transferring them from your pc to your memory card using a max drive or x-port.

And no I didn't post this so you'd post your files. I can live without them thanks.


19 September 2003
Same applies then. Except you change the folder number at the top of memory management and save an option file in each folder. The game will automatically load the option file at folder1, but you can manually load an option file memory management.
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