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2 quick questions re online


1 March 2006
1) Does anyone score from crosses any more? I've never been able to score from a cross, I end up having to cut it back along the ground. How realistic is it to have a football game without crosses???

2)Are the Konami servers actually located in Japan? That would explain the lag. I bet the FIFA servers aren't halfway around the world. :(


League 2
3 May 2004
Harder to score from crosses as defenders go to your player, easy in 2v2 as you know where your player going.

Servers are in japan but irrelevant to lag as they only match you up with opponent, your location and opponents location cause the lag, dont player people from far far away.



Beckham only scores about 1 in 30 of his free kicks, but I have to admit that it is much easier to score by laying the ball off than taking the direct route. I think I've only scored one free kick goal, and that was lucky, but I don't try very often because it is so damn hard. I'll only take a poke if I'm already pretty much guaranteed to win the game, just to see if I can do a bit of showboating.
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