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2005 FIFA World Player of the Year Award


26 May 2004
Hong Kong / Toronto
Man Utd
I dunno if this deserves it's own thread, but...what the heck...the 30 men Short List is out and being sent out to the coaches and players to choose the top 3!! who do you think deserves to be in it and wasn't...or who was and shouldn't be?? who you think the winner is?? discussions!!

so 4 English men, 7.5 Brasilian
6 from Real Madrid, 5 from AC Milan, 4 from Chelsea and 3 from Man Utd :)

Men's shortlist:
• Adriano (Inter, Brazil)
• Michael Ballack (Bayern Munich, Germany)
• David Beckham (Real Madrid, England)
• Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus, Italy)
• Cafu (AC Milan, Brazil)
• Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd, Portugal)
• Deco (Barcelona, Portugal)
• Didier Drogba (Chelsea, Ivory Coast)
• Michael Essien (Chelsea, Ghana)
• Samuel Eto'o (Barcelona, Cameroon)
• Steven Gerrard (Liverpool, England)
• Thierry Henry (Arsenal, France)
• Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Juventus, Sweden)
• Kaka (AC Milan, Brazil)
• Frank Lampard (Chelsea, England)
• Paolo Maldini (AC Milan, Italy)
• Pavel Nedved (Juventus, Czech Republic)
• Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan, Italy)
• Jay-Jay Okocha (Bolton, Nigeria)
• Raul (Real Madrid, Spain)
• Juan Roman Riquelme (Villarreal, Argentina)
• Arjen Robben (Chelsea, Holland)
• Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid, Brazil)
• Robinho (Real Madrid, Brazil)
• Ronaldinho (Barcelona, Brazil)
• Ronaldo (Real Madrid, Brazil)
• Wayne Rooney (Man Utd, England)
• Andriy Shevchenko (AC Milan, Ukraine)
• Ruud van Nistelrooy (Man Utd, Holland)
• Zidane Zinedine (Real Madrid, France)

I think Gerrard, Shevchenko and Ronaldinho/Zidane will be in...can't really decide between dinho and Zidane...

Gerrard from what he did with Liverpool and to the Champions League...so maybe not win, but be in top 3
Shevchenko from how he brought Ukraine into their first World Cup
Ronaldinho cause he helped Barca win after a long drought! and he did great in the Confederations Cup (so did Adriano, but don't like him that much)
Zidane from what he did in helping France regain qualification in the World Cup!


11 November 2001
Why Maldini, how long his career has lasted should have nothing to do with it, it's not a sentimentality constest?

Ronaldinho for me.


11 November 2001
Milanista said:
His performance in 2005 has been more consistant than Adriano's, thats for sure.
Point taken, and looking at that list some of the contenders are baffling.

Drogba - average 1st season at best.
Okocha - eh?
Raul - worst season in his career last term!

Where's Terry?


13 October 2004
RayoVallecano & Barcelona
rooney??? beckham(only 2 good matches here in Madrid...), robinho(arghh...), okocha(why is he there???), Zidane(nothing in 2005...NOTHING!), Raul (better than 2004, but the same as Zidane)...

For me the best 3 player on 2005 are...mmm

Ronaldinho(worse tahn 2004 but incredible!!)


3 August 2003
This is usually a popularity contest, and sometimes doesn't have much to do with actual achievment.


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
Real Madrid players are only there because of popularity. Can't understand why raul, beckham and zidane are there when they played crap last year. On the other hand, I can't understand why Xavi is not there, being one of the best and finest midfielders in the world and last year he was amazing and more important for barcelona than Ronaldinho. But hey, he doesn't sell shirts.

My votes (in no particular order. I'm unable to choose only 3)

Eto'o (for being the key player in barcelona)
Xavi (for being the most classy midfielder)
Terry (best defender in europe right now)
Lampard (the strongest midfielder, far better than Gerrard in my opinion)
Shevchenko (the best forward)
Casillas (he's always the best keeper)


20 September 2004
Almada, Portugal
SL Benfica
^ And Terry wasn't? Makelele? Duff? Xavi? Puyol?

Zidane was good in some parts? Damn than what to think of Figo, the substitute who was the only one playing well for Real...


Il Capitano
19 August 2003
FC Internazionale
I beleive Terry should be tehre, although i hate thim be he's a really excellent defender ! . There are other players that dont deserve to be there like Raul, Okocha.

1. Ronaldinho
2. KaKa
3. Eto

Master Flexy

Call mea jackarse but what has zidane done in the past two years to deserve the award? I think Zlatan Ibrahimovic deserves it as the swede has proved all doubters wrong and is living up to his comparison to Marco Van Basten.


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
Flexy - Zlatan imo does not deserve it. he hasnt even gotten a goal this season, and has been suspended multiple times for dirty fouls. Hes a cheeky player, and likes getting in trouble.

Even Lucarelli deserves it more than him.


22 February 2005
chelsea fc,psg
Where is J.TERRY? THE best cb in Europe!!!

FOR me

1 Lampard(maybe the best midfield in Europe)
2 Ronaldinho
3 Gerrard


World Cup Winner
9 May 2003
Master Flexy said:
Call mea jackarse but what has zidane done in the past two years to deserve the award? I think Zlatan Ibrahimovic deserves it as the swede has proved all doubters wrong and is living up to his comparison to Marco Van Basten.
yeah right, marco van basten, are you serious mate?
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