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360 Option File Editing


League 1
27 May 2003
1. FC Koeln
There's an interesting thread over at PESFAN:


it seems to be possible to edit the PES6 option file with an hex editor (->Team names !!!).

1. convert Datel XChange to Xplorer360 (with XIC v1.0)
2. extract the option file with Xplorer360
3. open and edit the option file with an hex editor
4. transfer the edited option file to your 360

as I don't have a XSATA (yet), I could only go to step 3. Hopefully the mighty Compulsion does a 360 Version of his OF editor...
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sounds good. Well the first line at least. The rest went over my head. I've look into it and maybe purchase a xsata. I cancelled a pre-order once I found out about the editor.


Is this something we common people can do? Or is it a case of waiting on a competent 'Hex' editor to come along and sort it out for us?


whooaa. I just opened PESfans option file in a Hex Editor and answered my own question. All numbers and letters. Correct names are better than nothing. I hope someone works this out, I'd get the devices for that.

Its not like I'd never use them again.

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
The file could be made into something that non-computer-experts can install, if they make a little installation pack for it. You'd still need to buy XSATA though, and online I'm pretty sure the team names would revert to default.


i agree - correct team names are better than nothing!.

maybe its possible to save it as one xbox360 compatible save file? then distribute that file to everyone


League 2
26 December 2004
Well since I've never done any hex editing before, I can't really verify this or not. But I did try a simple test with a hex editor,editing names both team and player. That resulted in a corrupt OF file... So it seems like it's not just straight forward, but I may have done something wrong editing the OF....

As for the old xbox save, Compulsion and other prg makers needed a original xsv "signatur" to make a valid OF save from the edit tool. Since the xbox360 save is in .bin format, it might be easier to manipulate, I certainly hope so...
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17 October 2004
how come there's not much interest on here about the possible editing of the 360 option file?? over on pesfan there seems quiet a bit of hype that this could be the case, can't we get the creative amongst the evo-web editors involved too?


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22 December 2001
Maybe most of the interested people read it overthere ;)
I am interested, but I am no expert about it. I know some things about programming, but this kind of data editing looks difficult to me. Normal changing of the names result in an error, so there might be some kind of checksum in it.

I hope that the creators of patches e.d. will look into this, as I think they are the only one's to solve this interesting problem.
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