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5-A-Side Pro Evo League - Kicks Off December



Taken from iNetFootball:


  • The only 5-a-side console league on the net.
  • Free to participate.
  • Start as a free agent and sign for a club.
  • Each club plays as their corresponding side in PES.
  • Request a transfer or negotiate new contracts.
  • Become a player, a manager, or both.
  • As a manager, choose your lineup for each fixture.
Hopefully enough people will sign up to make the first season a success. Sign up now at www.inetfootball.com


The first manager jobs are being offered on Friday, so anyone who fancies the extra challenge better sign up quick.

Hopefully we can start buying players as soon as a job is offered. If so, we need more people to join to fill our squads up!

Because it's an online community, you'll be guaranteed to play honest people and avoid the cheats, so signup if you're fed up with those b*stards!!


I'm now Man Utd manager and looking for players. If you want to play for the (real life) league leaders register as a free agent and I'll give you a game...


Harvester of Sorrow
24 September 2003
Manchester United
ive joined the league as a player, currently a free agent but have my heart set on a dream move to old trafford lol
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