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"A Farewell to PES4" - a video by PN

Professor Nutmeg

ML Fanatic
3 July 2002
Master League
With the advent of PES5 just around the corner, PES4 will be nothing but a memory. I've done my little bit to bid it farewell, in this, my ode to the game.
Comprising of goals, saves, Master League headlines :mrgreen: and silverware this is my (very brief) look back at the highs of PES4.

A Farewell to PES4 19.7 Mb

:salute: :applause:

Bring on PES5 :)
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:( great work but a tear has just come to my eye knowing that as of next week I wont be playing PES4 anymore.... :(



Haha nice one there Professor! I especially like the ending, the players celebrating are a fine way of rounding it of. =)


Is it just me that isn't gonna miss pro, don't think of it as a different game but as an evolution, its just growing up, its doing my head in waiting for it, cos since i got the demo i havnt even played on Pro 4


5 January 2005
No i think this is much better than rapidshare. Btw great compilation, made me remember the best moments i had playing this game.


21 February 2003
nice compilation there proffessor

i sure will mis the the midfield maestro cellini who as always ran my midfield since the iss pro evo days (not sure about iss pro 1 but he was defo in number 2 as ive just been playing it as a tribute to the great man himself :))


and so we weep as the pro evo 4 ship sails...and then we are filled with joy after about a minute as we see the pro evo 5 ship...coming to a halt...in england..!


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
Nice clip Prof, couple of great goals (especially the Bratu goal), enjoyed it a lot...

Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
Professor Nutmeg said:
Is Rapidshare better?
Yeah becauase YSI expires every 7 days...on Rapidshare you can have it for as long as you like.

Also whats the name of the background song again?
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Ban Master
27 December 2001
West Ham United FC
Great video Prof, I really enjoyed the Hammers lifting a Trophy, though why it was Vorlander?????!!!!!!!! Was Cellini already gone or banned for that match? ;)

Sudden strike12

24 September 2003
Great video, made me get out the original pro evo and give it a spin. Man, this game has changed a l-o-t, you dont seem to notice the difference as much between new versions, then you go back and it plays totaly different :D
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