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A sport lover has a favour to ask you !!

What to do you think of my campaign ??


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9 May 2005
Le Pecq France
P.S.G, Arsenal
Hello guys girls and women of Evo Web !!

first of all let me introduce quickly, i'm 26 (1.98m for 89 kilos) and i'm a Polish guy who lives in Paris, i'm a sport fan (football especially Premier League because frankly our ligue 1 is not very exciting lol, pilates mostly) and i have been practicing pilates for the past six months. Thanks to Pilates i lost 18 kilos in 6 months and in May i came across a french contest (only opened to french men but everyone can vote) AND I DECIDE TO TAKE PART IN IT HERE IS THE LINK :

http://www.ousontleshom.com/#Detail?d=257-0 :lmao:

i know that it may seem silly but i will be really proud of myself if i could finish at least on the podium and besides there is a car to win (a mazda AND i deseperatly need one!!).
So i know you don't know me (well at least you know my face lol), but as a evo lover (pes6 editing forum maniac when i have time) i would be very grateful if you could vote for me MERCII BEAUCOUP FOR YOUR GENEROUS HELP!

The vote will take you 1 oR 2 minutos top chronos :
- just click on VOTEZ POUR LUI (vote for him)
- just choose email and password that's it ! (mot de passe stands for password)
- you'll receive an email to validate your account
- then click again on Votez pour lui to validate your vote! only vote once otherwise your vote will be cancelled !

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR TIME, the contest ends on 2th of july 2007 and i know it's a lot to ask but could the moderators make this post sticky only until this date (a big thanks to them and to all of you) I WAIT FOR YOUR REACTIONS!!
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