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A "Trigger Run" Button - One Thing PES Desperately Needs


11 December 2002
Toronto, Canada
Not sure if there has been much comment on this already, but...

Although I generally prefer PES to FIFA by a long, long way, the one thing that FIFA does right at the moment that PES could really learn from is the implementation of a "Trigger Run" button.

I find the off-ball movement in PES to be lacking, and particularly where spaces open on the wings I find my fullbacks and wingers are often content to stand their ground, rather than making useful runs. In FIFA the "Trigger Run" button solves this problem.

I know in PES that you can trigger a run by initiating a 1-2, but surely there should be a way to trigger a run from a player who is yet to figure in the passing move.

Am I missing something? Is there some secret "Trigger Run" command that I've been missing all these years, or is this the one area where FIFA's gameplay is ahead of PES/WE?


23 September 2005
Nah, you are right, there's not a way to do it... IMO, the AI should do it automatically... We may see that on... PES 15?


12 August 2003
Using manual strategies such as 'counter attack' or 'centre attack' or manually increasing the attack attitude can help, but I agree, it is not ideal.


8 August 2004
Zoetermeer, Holland
You can trigger a run by doing a 1-2 but also by passing to a teammate and quickly press R2. Unfortunately (and you're right there) you can't make a teammate run without giving him the ball...
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