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AC Milan signs new sponsor deal


Stupid Wanker

Does it ever bother you guys that football is so close with gambling? Most teams home pages have gambling on them, the German fiasco from last year, now Rooney owes millions to bookies. Now this and I think Middlesboro already has a gambling sponsor.

Just wondering if that ever bugs or worries anyone to the integrity of the game. In the States, you can’t even have a pro team in Las Vegas. The guys who own the Kings (basketball) also own casinos and cannot have NBA games in their sports book. Not that gambling is not part of the games. Heck the 1919 World Series was fixed, college basketball certainly is, and there have been other instances in other sports. But because of that gambling is just not embarrassed by the teams and the leagues the way soccer/football does.


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5 January 2006
I can't comment on fixes, but being sponsored by a casino or a gambling organisation is no different than being sponsored by a beer brand. Both things dig at a person's weaknesses, and if we're (rightly) libertarian enough to let people self-destruct through alcoholism, then the same should apply if they get addicted to gambling.

With that said, I do think the premier european clubs need to be less conscious of money and more conscious of associating with classier brands. I mean they blow huge amounts on questionable transfers so easily, then they sign with the ugliest, most random sponsor and say it was 'financially favourable'. I like short snappy brand names like Opel, not bloody Samsung Mobile Subdivision of the Pan-European Sector or some sillyness like the AIG ManU signed with.


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5 January 2006
Milanista said:
I'm too used to the Opel symbol, it feels as if its a Milan logo by now.

Exactly, it's like Inter and Pirelli, Juve and Danone back in the day. Long term partnerships with quality brands is what makes your team look classy as well. It also helps keep continuity for older jerseys, as if the sponsor's different to the present one, people think you're cheap for not buying the latest :roll:


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26 November 2005
Okayama, Japan
Man Utd, Stockport County
I don't think it looks good. I have a man utd shirt with vodafone on it and it's become a vodafone shirt, not a united one. When teams change their shirt, sometimes you only know who it is by their sponsor. I hate that.


3 August 2003
I know what you mean, whenever I see another team with Vodaphone on their shirts I think it's united.


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8 August 2003
Madeira, Portugal.
FC Porto
bah, it should not be allowed. The Portuguese league is called Liga betandwin.com. Crap shit since it only brings suspicion on the game.


18 July 2003
Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Stoke City/Liverpool

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symbol changes are worst you can do to any team, here's what everyone's used to.

man utd > vadofone
milan > opel
arsenal > O2
inter > pirelli


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23 October 2004
Liverpool FC
Got to agree with the long term sponsor theory - mind you, as far as Utd go, there was also Benfica and Urawa Reds with Vodafone as their sponsor (more?).
Familiarity is strange I guess - all the footy clubs think about with sponsorship is the money, they don't give two hoots what it will look like on their shirts!
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