A foreign blue
23 November 2005
In the middle of nowhere
Reggina, Man City, Barça
Hi there, I have a modest proposal.
If you want to add a particular thing in PES6, this forum is the main resource, no doubt about it, but the untidiness reigns! If the admins could do some subcategories in the download sections it would be much more simply.
For example: why don't you do a "stadium" subcategory? In this way, people who search (finished and fixed) stadiums know where to find out it. It would be particularly useful also for kits (a section for Serie A, one for Erevidisie and so on), kind of fields, tv logos and so on. It already exists for patches and option files. Why don't you do this? Is this a good idea?;)


A foreign blue
23 November 2005
In the middle of nowhere
Reggina, Man City, Barça
Ok, but if you have to find something in particular, you can't really obtain it in this mess. Searching you can obtain just useless posts, and that's a pity, because here there are MILLIONS of good ideas, to customize pes6. An entire patch is not useful, everyone (dutch in particular, because people want to cancel their Erevidisie) would find easier to do his own patch. :)


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5 February 2006
Northern Ireland
I think it would work with more general topics e.g:

PS2 > Balls - Stadiums - Kits - Faces - Other

XBOX360 > Balls - Stadiums - Kits - Faces - Other

PC > Balls - Stadiums - Kits - Faces - Other

Just a suggestion not necessarily those categories but spliting it up would be good. I know some editing works on for example both PS2 and PC but then surely we could open new threads in each section in order to keep discussion tidy. I.e no one asking is "this for the PS2" or "how do I get this for the PS2" in a topic for both PS2 and PC.

I think more sub categories would surely clean the place up. It may use more bandwich and this is probably why it hasnt been done but it would surely be worth it? Perhaps people who make donations could gain from special benefits if the cost of bandwich is too much?


29 March 2004
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I love this forum like it is. No need to maky any chance in my opinion. :D
To be honest, I love this 'messy' look. :mrgreen:


I agree with the OP. This editing forum is a mess, frankly.

There's even a PES6 subforum, but this general forum is still filled with a mixture of PES6 and other stuff. It would be best to keep PS2/PC etc separate too.

Just my opinion.


12 December 2001
We've introduced a more structured download area back in the days when PES 4 got released two years ago and it's hardly been used at all. That's why we returned to having two sub-areas only, patches and option files. While looking good and more structured on paper, it doesn't automatically mean it's useful. Trust me, we've been down that road for a year, and it really wasn't.

Different people got different opinions. That's not a bad thing in general, of course, but we would certainly give up a piece of that special attractiveness which has helped Evo-Web being the site it is today. We're trying to unite gamers, patchers and people who seek help, we don't want them to frequent certain board areas only.

Basically speaking, we're not gonna create sub-areas for stadiums, faces, balls and stuff for each and every console and PC version. And that's not a matter of bandwidth or manpower, it's just a matter of...well, sticking to a working formula. Tidiness can be as dull as dishwater.

Dividing the PES6 editing area into a PC and console area is still on our "might be a good idea" list, though. But that's probably it.

After all, I personally think it's only a question of getting used to. Editing is what made this site special and it still is. In my opinion it simply "works" the way it is, although it might look confusing for new members at first sight. I've been through that as well, now I don't wanna miss that feeling :)
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