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AGEIA PhsyX drivers


League 1
16 June 2004
i was wondering if anybody has the ageia phsyX drivers/engine on their pc, i got a new game and it had the drivers of the phsyX card(obviously that game supports it) but it seems to make other games behave differently,
if anybody has them running when playing pro evo let us know whats its like. if u like it or not.



12 December 2001
You need to have an AGEIA PhysX hardware card installed in your PC in order to use those drivers and make use of it at all.

Apart from that, only a handful of games support it anyway, PES not being one of them.


TFC - All For One!
12 November 2005
Toronto FC & FC Barcelona
I have it and it doesn't affect PES as it is not supported
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