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Aggravating !!!


14 January 2004
I don't know is you have noticed but playing on live!, either as host or client, seems to be a real case of a game of 2 halves.
When I host, the 1st half plays smoothly: no lag, good framerate, just like when I hosted on PES4. Comes the 2nd half and it's a completely different story: the games gets more laggy, as if I were playing as the client...
If I join a game, it's the exact opposite: 1st half lag and 2nd half smooth.

I used to get praises for my connection on PES4 (2MB NTL cable), so I don't understand why the whole thing changed. Or is it done on purpose, to level the advantage of the host?

Any ideas?

PS: CSaunders, you are a hell of a player: P4 L4 F1 A7! (maybe a tiny bit fortunate at times but fortune favours the brave I suppose)


2 August 2003
you do know, the host switches at HT right?

thats why you experience the differnce. If you create a game, you host the first half.

if you join a game, you host the second half.

i cant tell the differnce most of the times, as lag just doesnt happen to me no more :D


19 June 2004
although u cant as easily see people with good connections as you can with the ps2 version.

I say that the xbox version feels alot better than the ps2 version online


14 January 2004
Another thing: it is not possible to see the connection quality of someone joining the game you've created. This is very annoying as the host is swapped at half time: you're simply left hoping that your opponent hasn't got a dodgy connection and try to score as many goals as possible while hosting. It happened to me a couple of times.

It is fair enough to decline players with a lot of disconnections but you cannot do anything if the guy's got a wooden connection (and no disconnections recorded in his profile simply because he does not need to as he ends up scoring loads while hosting during the second half).

This is really bad thinking from Konami and the very reason it is so hard to join games: people get sucker-punched a couple of times and don't create games for strangers to join anymore. OK, there is still the option to add players with good connections to your friends list, but I could have done without the trial and error approach...
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