agression, teamwork & offside trap?


4 October 2005
can someone exactly say what those marks are for?

on what do agression and teamwork apply during the match?

also, what does letters ABC next to offside trap apply?
I play a lot on offside traps, but not sure what differences do those ABC letters


aggression applies to how much verocity and pace a player attacks with...i think teamwork applies to things such as positioning and ability for a CPU player to move the way u feel they should move but i'm not to sure


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18 March 2006
Offside trap A, B or C I believe dictate how often the defence line tried offside traps by themselves. If you don't want to risk anything, put it on A (or C, whichever is the conservative setting... :)). If you feel like being bold, put it higher for more chances of catching ppl offside without you telling your guys to.

I think. :)
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