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Some of you may know about this and its something I've been wanting to ask. Do you know how exactly the AI works for both the CPU and your team's players as far as variations in difficulty go?

In my master league, I usually win but a lot of times I can dominate the game. I beat Lyon 4-0 and Man United 3-0 and everything seemed great, but then there are some games where its like there is absolutely no way I can win. My players can't run or pass, on corners they are crap at marking. It seems like every call and every ball goes the other team's way.... and worst of all there are phantom fouls that other players on my team commit... as if I really wanted to give away a free kick 20 meters out in the middle of the field. I just lost to Celtic because they had a free kick from 60 meters out, and on the long ball there was on of those phantom fouls by a player i wasn't controlling. Petrov made the free kick of course from about 25 meters out (and he isn't even good at free kicks in the game....).

So do you know if it is just my imagination or does the AI sometimes make it doubly hard to win? Are the refs actually lopsided in calling a game? Do my players "lose focus" or is it just the way I play? Another thing is... I've never seen the CPU get a red against me no matter what. I got slide-tackled from behind in the box by the last man back, and they gave a penalty but only a yellow... WHAT IS THAT? Automatic red if it was a human player.

Or maybe my problem is I know nothing about football.... in the U.S. it is maybe the 6th most popular sport (sigh). ESPN has a commercial with Shevchenko but showed a re-run of poker instead of the Milan - Barca champs league semi. I guess its a good excuse to learn spanish. :cat: :ele: :oink: :eek:
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