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Alan Ball: RIP 1945-2007


El Diego

Touching tribute JJ710. Alan Ball was a great football man and a lovely person.

R.I.P Alan.


El Diego

Thats it? 3 posts. If it was Maradonna or Maldini you'd all be praising them.

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
Ed (I'm going to start calling you that from now on so don't be alarmed, saves typing out "El Diego" every time), I think a lot of us want to post in here but don't feel right because we didn't actually see the guy play.

I've read about him, seen a few clips etc., but I don't feel like I have a right to say anything because I just didn't see him enough. But I've been reading about his management feats and he was a true English great, on the pitch and off it.



13 November 2006
I think JB's right.

From the little I knew of him he seemed like a decent guy. Youngest of the 66 team. It's no age to go really...



18 August 2006
South Shields
A great player who lived football,
Shankley on hearing the news of Arsenal signing Ball from Everton, phoned Ball, "You signed for Arsenal at 3.30 today"
Ball replied "How do you know", SHANKS " Because that was when the thorn was taken from my side". A fitting tribute to a great man.
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