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All about Rabonas


6 March 2006
Rabona is a behind leg kick !

Soovija`s Ultimate Rabona Teaching video



Wikipedia about rabona :


Rabona kickers are :

*Maradona ->L
*Recoba ->L
*C.Ronaldo ->R
*Ronaldinho ->R
*Rivaldo ->L
*Messi ->L
*Pele ->R
*Podolski ->L
*Pizarro ->R
*F.Torres ->R
*Van Persie ->L
*Emre ->L
*Rivelino ->L
*J.Cole ->R
*Aimar ->R
*Maniche ->R
*Fran Yeste ->L
*Roberto Carlos ->L
*Ashley Cole ->L
*Ibrahimovic-> R
*Rooney too - > R
*Adriano --> L
+Harry Kewell,
Alberto Aquilani
Francesco Totti
Didier Drogba
David Villa.
+ Sylvinho


28 July 2006
RSC Anderlecht
Well it's just not working for me :( I've been trying with Rooney and C. Ronaldo like you said but apparantly they rather kick with their left foot than doing a Rabona :roll:
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