Am I the only one who plays with TV3 camera (WE9) ??



I started playing with this camera when I got WE6..and then all my WE versions I played with TV3 or (Broadcasting 3) camera.

It is very hard to get used to this TV3 camera because you don`t get the good view as you would with Wide Camera..but after a while you get used to it. Most people play on Wide.. but I seriously can`t..tried many many times.. and the players become so small and my TV is what 21" or so..and it gets very small.. I can and I did like Normal Intermediate camera on angle 9 its closer then Wide..but still..

IMHO, TV3 gives you the best most realistic TV look.. that camera they use for most EPL Matches, Champions League matches and all..

I guess some EPL teams like Spurs.. they have that real wide camera with hihghly tilted angle.. BUT Highbury..has that almost sideline / tv3 camera.


Champions League
23 October 2004
Liverpool FC
You might get some converts yet. Beats loking at empty seats, then later full seats in wide.:lol:

Ove Kindvall

Rotterdam Hooligans
26 January 2004
I prefer Vertical Long, nice view when you're shooting on goal. You only don't see all of the feints.

I find wide to far off, yes you have a great overview but I want to see also details. And my level goes one up when i'm plaing on wide.

Never tried TV3 but I give it a try.
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