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Amazing level !


3 August 2003
I'm downloading le file now. The download is very slow, maybe there is heavy traffic on the server.


25 April 2002
Centreville, VA (USA)
Truly a delicious looking video :-)

Is the game being played on Widescreen mode? Is the game made to be played on Widescreen mode. The reason I ask is because my cousin has a widescreen TV and the WE games play much faster on his TV than my full screen one..

The Nets animations on one of those stadiums looked superb!


3 August 2003
Thomas, you have made me feel like beginner with these vids. Who are these people, where are they from?


17 February 2003
Paris / London
Yeah , That`s what I thought as well straight away, it must be say 3 stars leveL , coz the opposite team`s defenders they hardly make runs or challenge high balls... how abot the keeper ...


If its from WE8JL - doesnt that mean Liveware will be as good as this if not better?


3 August 2003
It s from WE8

1) you can see national teams playing ( iran - ?? dunno anymore)
2) many passes with the outside of the foot


29 April 2003
It's not widescreen for anyone who hasn't figured it out that they just cut off the top and bottom OSD's. By the way, that guy who was playing that was quite amazing!


Retired Footballer
6 May 2003
Charlton Athletic FC
Yeah, he wern't bad was he? Although as pointed out above, the AI didn't look to clever :roll:


With that sheer speed and skill level of the player . why would he play anything lower than 5/6 :/ .
its not very difficult to win headers manually controlling players against level 6 defenders


i do that all of the time, that is what manual pass is. the accuracy parameter is your hand only, with wrong foot and bad position u can still make a great pass.

the quick goal in the 1st minute is oftenly done by me, but i admit that guy accuracy in manual pass is better than me (or maybe because of the GAME? WE8 is not that good in manual pass, PES4 is good, WE8JL i've never played).

and yes, to do that kind of goals RADAR IS A MUST :)
radar players can do things that non-radar player can't


World Class
7 June 2003
omg his manual passing are freaking accurate... i cant use manual passes.. maybe my analog is faulty or what.. it always goes the wrong direction tat i want it to go

on top of tat.. this guy can head/volley very well!

i also notice he likes to use L1+x to make his players run forward but the defenders dont look like 5/6 stars level... but its really impressive anyway... worth replaying over and over again... THIS really is another level of playing WE; SKILL LEVEL: 99/100
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