An official WE9 button Manual


18 June 2005
Real Madrid
How is it ever possibile that I cant find a complete manual of the game that goes to tell what a simple push of the :x: button makes to the most complicated dribbling move?

I would be a stick thread were we members cant post and ONLY moderators and responsable people in Evo Web cam post and complete list of controls of the game.

It would be a very smart move, not to mention all those individual threads about single moves.

I know probably there are no translated manuals to english for now but what about in a couple of days when it will be possible ?

What do you think of this.


PES2008 Guide Author
12 December 2002
Liège, Belgium
Standard Liège
It's just basics ...

... I prepare a huge "Gameplay-Guide" on
... but unfortunatelly for you, in french language.
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