Is it really better to play WE9 with ANALOG?? Many people say that you can run faster, drible better, shot better with analog stick... I tried a little but I found very difficult to defend well, I couldn't steal balls with R1+R2 because it's hard to position the player exactly in front of the opposition... also passing took a while to adjust well and I still lost many passes...

Should I make the conversion? Abandon D-pad and try to adapt with analog?
Does it worth?


20 February 2003
After playing WE9 from a 5 month break, I switched from dpad to analog and Im finding it more fluid, feels better using analog.


7 October 2002
Just made the change and:

- Analog is less favoured than in previous versions but it's STILL FAVOURED over d-pad. It's stupid but true.

- Players are more reactive when dribbling and react more quiclky. Set pieces are much easier and shots go a lot more were you want them too.

This is one of the most stupid issues with PES. Having 2 control modes is ok and democratic, having one deliver a lot better than the other it's just incompetence.


13 March 2005
NW London
Piggyback guide says D=pad is better, and I have to agree. Much more control, and they also state that its quicker, more precise, just harder to defend with.

I've never got used to the analogue.


harder to defend? I find it a lot easier to defend than with analog... that's my only difficult playing analog: impossible to use supercancel and take the ball of a player.. I can't direct him exactly...
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