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And the bugs just keep on coming...


Forza Reggina
28 August 2004
Reggina Calcio
The second one upsets me most... i've always hated the sliding bug... with each step the players should be anchoring their feet... ea says that with fifa 07 on x360 they have corrected the problem and that each step is anchored.

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
The ball bouncing off the line as if it hit the post isn't even funny. If that happened to me, I don't know how I could play the game again, that is disgusting.

Saying that, I had one where the opposition's shot went through my goalkeeper's body, straight through the middle of his torso, and into the net. Five minutes later I had a shot that their keeper saved, with the ball going straight through the back of the crossbar and out for a corner. They must have been testing a new prototype ghost-ball or something.


Lol ive had one where the goalie has blatantly got the ball well over the line in his gloves but no goal?



30 January 2003
Chill out fellas. I think there should be more unfair decisions like in the real game. How many times do you get games where you are robbed in real life? take the gooner's game against the manc scum when they would have gone 50 games unbeaten.
a stinking dive from rooney, and a goal.

or the Mendes goal for spurs where the ball was about 2 foot over the line right at the end of a game against the scum, the keeper scoops it out, and no goal is awarded.

Schite happens...


Skillz That Killz
20 August 2003
Southampton FC
Never experienced any of them or noticed them besides the first which isnt a glitch, but then again I have only played PES not winning eleven, maybe there is a bug difference.

I dunno.

But they are hilarious, I woulda been like what the hell and laughed at the one that 'hits' the 'post' infact I think the one where they run through the stadium I have experienced once or twice, after like offside or summing.


18 August 2003
I played the PC demo today and Henry went for a diving header despite the ball having sailed out of play already, he dived right through the advertising board and had his torso sticking out the other end!!!!!!!!
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