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Any Advice?



My mate has been hammering me in Pro Evo4 on PS2 lately, and I thought someone here could tell me how to try to prevent a few things he's doing that are really killing me:

- His strikers constantly pull my defenders back and reef them out of the way whenever a ball comes over the top toward my goal, or whenever chasing a through ball. His strikers pull my defenders out of the way, leaving them running in completely the wrong direction a lot of the time! He tells me that this is only due to timing his pass well, is that true? How can I stop his strikers jostling mine out of the way like this when chasing those through balls?

- My strikers are never beating his defenders to the through balls I put in/over. I know this is really about timing them, but even when I time them right my strikers are still having real trouble breaking through...how can I pull my way past his defenders like he does to mine?

I really need some advice on this, he beat me 4-0 today :( I want the slagging to end!
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