any Fix 4 the commentary problem ???


27 January 2006
Made in EGYPT
hi all
every one know that their is bad problem with the
the commentary :( .. for example
scarface1999 said:
is it your patch that causes the commentary to be totally wrong like for example saying you won the seria A even if you didnt.
or is it a konami bug?
any1 know how to fix it?
Yea just wanted to know why commentator says you have won serie a when you win a game and gets alot wrong is that this patch or is that just a glitch im sure its this patch.
LOL when started 2nd half he says only 5 minutes to play
so what about that ??
this is from konami ??
plz any one have fix this problem tell us


League 1
18 June 2006
it's the patch dat you installed k_patch because when i unistalled it my commentary was just back to normal!


11 February 2006
It's not just a specific patch, even an Option File can cause that.
It happens to me in every Option File I download, but not in the noraml one that the game creates...
And that sucks, 'cause I want to play in an Option File that has all teams and such...
Hopefully KONAMI will fix that in their upcoming patch.


22 November 2005
Just select another language in the options, then change back to your normal language.
Worked for me.

Zain Mastron

30 July 2006
Wow, I think that worked Dancon. I even did it without the other languages installed (PC Version). I just went into the Commentary option and just selected English (it was the only one available anyway) and when I quit it saved it to the Option File. Played a match and it didn't seem to screw up. I'll give it a bit more and get back to you but yeah, seems like it works. Thanks!


4 August 2005
3 matches in and ive won the english league seria A and leage espaniol lol just found it more amusing than jap commatry :lmao:


League 1
18 June 2006
mimoman said:

BUT whin i enter option and change language i have only english :(
so what can i do ?

Just press english like me and it saves it automatic and after that your commentary is just normal


League 1
17 February 2004
HKSAR, China
thanks for the solution
i don't have to score 2 goals in order to lead the game anymore!
before i solved that, i was always told that i just got an equalizing goal when the score was just 1-0...
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