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Anybody in the same situation with me??? :)


League 2
13 August 2003
Hi everyone,
Just wanna know are you the guys in the same situation with me..
I got a Ps3 2 months ago.I bought Oblivion,NBA 2k7,Motorstorm and the Sega's Tennis game..But still playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6 or Winning Eleven 2007:PES on Playstation 2..

So I gotta say PS3 is nothing without Konami's football.Other "super" ps3 games are on the shelves!!! You just have fun with the others but It is like a one-night stand, you enjoy but never fall in love.

Desperately waiting for Winning Eleven 11 or PES7


14 November 2004
ha ha yeah I totally get where you are coming from. I've got F1, Resistance, Virtua Tennis 3 and Motorstorm yet PES6 is taking up the gaming time lol
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