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Anyone outside UK who has experience with Gameplay.co.uk?


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7 November 2005
F.C. Copenhagen
Has anyone outside UK tried to order from gameplay.co.uk.

I live in Denmark and it concerns me, that the site has delivery time from 3-14days, and 14 days is a long time. I've pre-ordered from them, but have considered cancelling and go for play.com, who has 3-5 days delivery in Denmark. But when both are in UK, can i then expect, that they can deliver at the same time?

Just want to know if anybody knows how long it normally takes for gameplay to deliver in europe? Cause if i have to wait 14 days, i'm gonna cancel it right away.


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10 August 2004
The Arse
Play.com deliver their goods from Jersey (hence why they're cheap, no tax). I dunno about Gameplay, but I'd guess they're UK based as they deliver quicker than Play.


Jersey is a small island in the channel islands, off the coast of South West England, towards France. Jersey is part of the UK and has the benefit of being a tax-haven. The Channel Islands enjoy excellent weather, and interestingly have their own coins (which are valid in the rest of the UK) also, the Channel Islands were the only part of the UK to be successfully annexed by the Nazi's during World War II.

Just a few facts for you ;) I'd order from play.com


10 May 2005
hey thanks for letting me know facts I didn't know. I believe i'll keep ordering from play.com; free shipping is too tempting
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