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Anyone playing on a wireless connection?


La Liga
8 March 2004
Is anyone here on a WiFi LAN playing PES5 online?

A friend who lives down the road from me is on a wireless connection at home and we get terrible lag whilst playing online. It cycles through being a good connection to extremely laggy every minute or so. I know his NAT settings are not set up perfectly and there might be some other issues, but has anyone experienced problems with games online over WiFi?



sounds typical of wireless connection, will never be as good as a wired one. Signal strength is where i would start looking.


18 January 2003
Yeah I have the same problem with my Wireless connection on a Centrino laptop, the connection is awful. Installed my old WiFi PCMCIA card and now it works fine.


Same here. I play through wireless connection with centrino and the lag is awful. Im just looking to sort out a wired one now by using a RJ45 Straight Network Cable from my router to my laptop. Hopefully that should do the trick


Well after buying the RJ45 Straight Network Cable and connecting my laptop up directly to my router i havent had any lag whatsoever and neither have my oppents.Def the best way to go if you dont mind having a wire running from your router to your laptop and by far the cheapest. The cable only cost me about £3.50 :D
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