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Anyone think konomi change passing and shooting because if they didnt this = PES5

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I think konomi feel the need to tweek everything in the game for every release as without it, the game would be PES5 with a few new animations as god forbid they would ever consider adding new leagues or licences or overhauling the master league system.

Even with these changes the game has less than PES5 to it, they just made passing worse, made shooting different, made dribbling easy and went back to the system of not having to manually position the player in the box who is receiving a cross making headers easier.

Without the work of people who bring out patches for sound, pitches, stadiums and strips, this game as a representation of world football is seriously poor.

I would love to know what their development cycle time for the PES series, as apart the the animations, most changes they make to the way the game is played, can be done in a very short time using an editor like PESfan one. They dont have to design new strips, add new stadiums or even keep the player rosters that up to date.
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