Anyone want a match on LIVE?... Please!


9 August 2003
I just got the game but I cant seem to find anyone to play with on Xbox Live! Why is there no-one there?!? If anyone wants a game my gamertag is 'Jan Mela' - please challenge me, I'm bored!


12 June 2003
im suffering from the same problem
only 3 or 4 people online but i can never play with them
shame really


Love's Pro Evo 5
27 May 2005
Glasgow Rangers
Hi i had the same prob no one will play and its the same people all the time if your up for a game then add me CONNXTION1985


wankin you off wit lips.x
12 May 2003
Manchester City
add me too: superdragonuk i'm always lookin for someone to play.. i reccomend Don Pedro1 too - i think he posts on here, i had a couple of good games with him last night


Deep like Titanic
10 August 2004
The Arse
I don't have Live! but why don't one of you guys make a sticky with all your gamer tags on so anyone who posts on here can get a game?
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