Anyone worried about next generation systems and availabilty to patch


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I am not sure how long it will take for these sytems to be properly hacked and how long it will take for devices like Xport to be created again.
It may mean we have to go back to the long process of manual editing.
Also no way will i put some of the first generation chips into my systems that will probably cost around $300 - 400 pounds as these are very unstable at first.

Anyone else concerned about this.


A bit but hopefully the added atmosphere from high quality graphics,surround sound, and no lag will compensate enough for the first 1-2 years


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1 October 2003
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I'm concerned about the price of the mod chips but how quickly they'll be released is something we wont have to worry about.
The rate that people hack consoles today is amazing. The PSP isnt even out in the UK and thats been almost hacked to its core.
I bet that in under 6 months of the japanese release of the PS3, the console will be modded. And the new Winning Eleven game probably wont even be made yet.


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Honestly i wouln't want to patch. My distaste of wasting valuable time of my life while i could be playing the actual game has made me want konami to finally make a uneditable game becasue it would be exactly what they were hoping to do all along. if konami have a corporate mind and just wanna update little thing each game then the heck with them next gen becasue honestly whats the difference. the grass textures,stadiums,crowds all need to go for we10 for pes3 simple. they need better licensing evrything. nets adboards etc. i've seenbetter work by fellow patchers and graphic designers working on patches than what konami has originally put out eachnew number in the series. they need to look at the new winning eleven from the ground up not from what they've done.

To put it even more simply. what we see in the fmvs should be what we get as regular gameplay. slowdown should be gone and we should feel like we're playing live


7 October 2002
If Konami did a decent job patching would be almost non-existent. Unfortunately not all is solved with x-port files. Konami does a crap job in terms of kits, compaired to some editors out there.

About the usual crap about license timing and cost, maybe if konami released a single decent product worldwide like 99% of editors do with their games, with a decent timing (august for a first release? of course we get a lousy result in terms of rosters), maybe then they fight patching the way it has to be fought: with QUALITY.


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You mean they'll make it for the PS3 and then port it to the PS2.
Just like how PES was ported to the PSX.


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1 October 2003
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But obviously everyone would rather play the PS3 version. The graphics on that are gonna be amazing.

Imagine how big the kit and face bmps are gonna be. Good luck to KEL and the rest on making kits for that game.


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11 April 2005
we probably won't even be able to play we10 unless we get a jap ps3, cos I thought it comes out first in japan then everywhere else in september time. I don't think anyone will have made something to play imports that quick. We'll probably have to play it on our ps2's still. Then get pes6 for ps3.
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