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Arsènal and Beveren


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
Allright, let's inform you about the big news in Belgium today.

Arsenal would have participated in Belgium club Beveren since 2001.
FIFA and UEFA forbid clubs to participate financially in other clubs.
Possible sanction: a ban from the Champions League for a couple of years.

In a nutshell what happened (i have lots of information so what i'm gonna write will not be necessary correct. If you have questions, just shoot.
If you doubt what i write, don't shoot.
Sources: the Belgian justice, the BBC and Belgian journalist Raf Sauvillier who wrote an article about it in my paper "De Morgen".

Since the end of the nineties Belgian club Beveren was virtually bankrupt and was searching for big investors.

In comes French former coach Jean-Marc Guillou. Guillou invests in Beveren and takes it virtually over. From that moment Beveren is a club with virtually only Ivorian players: Romaric, Neé, Yaya Touré, Yapi Yapo, Eboué....Beveren plays show football but the results are not that good (one exception: they win the Belgian cup two years ago).

Where do all these Ivorian players come from???
From an academy in Abidjan.
Guillou has started this academy in association with former Ivorian student he met in France: Roger Ouegnin. Ouegnin officially has nothing to do with the academy but he is president of Ivorian football club Asec Mimosa. The players go from the academy to Asec Mimosas which serves as a kind of shopping window for these players (Kolo Touré and Didier Zokora are the best known from that period). The club becomes one of te best in Africa, even wins the African CL and European clubs sent scouts to watch the players. The money goes to Asec but also to Guillou (and his then unknown assocaites). The money is fram from evenly split, Ouegnin claimls that Guillou takes too much money.

Did the money for the Beveren take-over came from Guillou alone??? Of course not, hardly anuyone is that rich... He's backed by the nv Goal, a very mysterious construction. Soon the Belgiabn justice become suspicious (trade in human beings, this is not the right translation but that is irrelevant because they neverfound the NV Goal guilty of that offense).

Fact is that after a thorough search they find the persons who are behind NV Goal: Arsène Wenger, Guillou and a couple of ohter French people who were active in football but alos David Dein of Arsenal. The same people who were behind the academy in Cote D'Ivoire (except Dein).

They went to Beveren because they had a serious row with Roger Ouegnin over the transfer money of some players (Guillou awaits prison in Ivory Coast because of his differences with Ouegnin). Beveren serves as the new shopping window. The money is split between Guillou, Wenger, Arsenal and (a fraction) Beveren.

Eboué goes to Arsenal.
Other Beveren players like Marco Née go to other clubs for lots of money because Arsenal declares to be interested to buy them....

Beveren wants to get rid of Guillou but can't because Guillou has debts to Asec Mimosas and has manimulated everything in order that Beveren has to pay these huge debts...this would be the end of Beveren.

These are roughly the facts....

Judge for yourself.
I'll be glad to answer your questions.
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Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
One question that is posed here, i can answer: the Belgian justice became interested in Beveren and Guillou (and not Arsenal) becuase they (wrongly) suspected that there illegal trade in human beings (Ivorian players).

This has happened before in Belgian football.

Yesterday evening i heard an interview with the Beveren spokesman. He calimed that in 2001 Arsenal did not broke a single UEFA, FIFA or FA law...

In your link the author implies that Arsenal did not control Beveren. I'm not sure about that. It is clear that Guillou has had total control over Beveren. Did he act for Arsenal???? Nobody has the faintest idea.

I would give Arsenal the benefit of the doubt, but what about Wenger and Dein????


13 August 2002
New York
I was involved in this whole trade a while back, they had me in chains and I met with Dein and Wenger out in The Gobi Desert, they had me run a few drills and decided to send me back to Ivory Coast, it was a weird experience, I shouldn't have been there. I only went there to buy drugs in the first place.
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