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Any help with attacking plz any one?

How can i make my players attack the ball and make runs??? I have never thought that players attack the ball or make runs as well as they did on pes5 but playing online ive noticed other players on the opposing team making runs. Even the keeper on the opposition team made a run a couple of times!!!!! Ive used the attacking arrows in every direction but when i make a run forward the rest of my players have a nice little stroll up the park instead of sprinting like i am doing with the player in my control.

Anyone able to help me with this???


24 April 2006
Also if you press R2 right after you have passed the ball with someone, that player will run forward (he will expect a 1-2, but if you don't pass he'll still run on a little)


League 1
11 July 2006
Like Jaehyun said, you have to spread the play. You can't just shout "GO!" and every player starts sprinting toward the goal. It's not like that it real life, so it isn't on PES. I think you just have to be more patient. Keep the ball and you can't lose. Old-SkooL :)


19 May 2007
hold R2 and press l1 or R1 to make players more attacking(it may be the other way round).Then you'll see a more attacking approach from your players.


27 October 2006
to make your team play in a more attacking manor hold L2 and press R1. you should see the little bar by the player's name go up, with red being the highest. To reduce it simply use R2 while holding L2. the computer will increase/de-crease this automatically unless you set it to manual in formation settings. i find keeping it on semi-auto though is the best way to play but if you do feel you ned a boost up front or need your men to drop and help defend then you can do with a simlple click. Also this tip is effective when used with corners. with full attacking set you will see CB's in the box who are waighting for a nice cross to head home!


1st re: houldey, i know this im not expecting my players to make darting runs all over the pitch.
2nd When i play other folks online they always seem to score pull backs in my box. They always seem to be in space(even when i have man marking on). Now when i try the same by forwards either are marked not got into space or back off outside the box leaving just my winger in the box????? i mean wtf. My players also dont seem to sprint forward on a counter attack. I have set up a strategy to counter attack and have had my attack/defence level at the highest attack level but still no getting forward!!!! I must sound like a complete amature but ive had every single pro evo since back to iss international soccer on n64(i know by name its not pro evo). This is my first forray into online console gaming so any help is appreciated. Oh and btw now, my players have decided that one touch passing isnt for them, they all take a touch before playing a pass even though i may have pressed the button before they got to the ball. lol.
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