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Australian online player list!


12 August 2003
G'Day Aussies!
I would like to find out what other Aussie PES5 online players are in this forum. Will be goo we can have each other on the friend list so we will have Green ping game every game!

Hope to play with you guys soon!!

My online ID is wom_bat86


1 May 2005
yeh mate im aussie..just a question tho...can i use a patched version of the game online (with a chipped ps2)? cos i heard i might get blocked by sony...
but if not would love to play with ya once i get a network adapter lol

cya soon


12 August 2003
I think you can but you gotta go through a few other steps to patch DNAS etc. I didn't do it because It's actually illegal.

Chipped PS2 is ok mate... mine is chipped and played without turning the chip off. All worked fine.

Go and get your network adaptor mate! it's worth it!
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