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Bad Referee / Linesman Decisions


Retired Footballer
6 May 2003
Charlton Athletic FC
As many of you know, (well maybe not in this forum), I am a video freek. I recorded the Soccer AMs Allsports Show tonight and then made these two clips of bad linesmen:

Terrible Linesman Decision - Newcastle v Chelsea - 3MB

Athletic Bilbao Goal Not Given vs Real Madrid - 3MB

The first one, is just absolutely shocking :shock:. However I do have sympathy with the Spanish linesman as there is no way he is gonna move 20 yards in 2 seconds to see it clearly. I think it's more evidence that goal line technology should be introduced.


That is CRAZY.

Summit has to be done.

What a goal or not that bilbao strike was.


3 August 2003
I'm suret they could probably come up with some sort of technology that would be similar to the stuff in Winning Eleven coupled with a TV ref.
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