Batman Begins (incl Spoilers)


1 September 2002
Thought this should be seperate from the 10 minute preview thread, but anyway.... WOW

What a fucking quality film. I loved it from start to finish,it has everything. Crime, thriller, horror and its extremely dark. People thinking its anything like Spiderman are completely wrong becuase its so different.

He has no superpowers which gives the film a sense of reality and its just so cool.

Music is brilliant and u even here slightly a few Joker laughs in the music score. Very freaky. A lot fo shock moments, acting is all brilliant especially Bale who fits the role perfectly.

I loved it and so did my mates. GO FUCKING SEE IT!!!!
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21 March 2004
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Re: Batman Begins

NO SPOILERS anyone :)

I'm going to see it as well soon, after I see it, feel free to post spoilers.


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24 December 2002
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Bleh. Seen it this morning. While I thought it pisses all over the other Batman film, I didn't think this was anything special. It was good how it's less comic book like. The villans and threats seem realistic in this film. The car chase was needlessly extended though.

It's ok.


28 September 2003
I saw it last night.

It was really cool, the only thing i did not like, well the main thing, was the length of the movie. However, I guess with all these superhero movies we have to see how they become a superhero and that takes a lot of time, so I understand.


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6 October 2001
Quality film. Bale is great as Batman and Michael Caine as Alfred gets most of the funny lines.

"Whats the point in doing all them push ups if you cant even lift a bloody log!"

Batman is now my fave superhero

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11 April 2005
A good film, but it didn't really have much competition in the previous attempts. All set for a sequel anyways


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1 December 2003
Great film, I enjoyed it a lot. The casting was great, Bale made an excellent Batman. The best Batman film made so far and i'm a fan of Burton's original.


12 December 2002
Little Mancunia
I just saw it like hours ago.Definitely the best Batman movie EVER.Warner Bros are now gonna remake every Batman movie with Chris Bale as the Dark Knight.Evidently Chris Bale,Micheal Caine and Morgan Freeman are the 3 strongest cornerstones of this new movie and will all reprise their roles respectively in sequels.
*****SPOILER***** I'm just wondering who gets to be The Joker? *****SPOILER*****


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19 August 2003
Really enjoyed watching it.
Though It does have some downsides. I thought the last 15 minutes of the film could've been much better, I didn't like it scriptwise.
Also I didn't like how the one-liners and those recurring moral sentences seemed to have been forced into the script, they just seemed out of place and the film didn't need it.
Otherwise an excellent film.


just seen it, thought it was quality, one of the better batman films . . .

Liam Neeson is such a cool actor!


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6 July 2004
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I loved it :D
am a big Batman fan so no doubt i will like it :D
and Kate holems :D, lucky Tom Cruise :(
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