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Best Footie photo's


Siem de Jong Fan
1 September 2005
AFC Ajax
Please post your best football related photo's in here. This can be personal too off course, like some of the pics I will post underneath.

And maybe the nicest picture ever


League 2
3 July 2006
This will be avery cool thread.. thx for tha idea robin_007.. i mean we will have alot of pictures in here of memorable moments in football !!


Champions League
17 February 2006


19 March 2005
my ex avatar :)

during kenya vs morocco , summer 2005 . a very important game to qualify to wc 2006 .

I like this one also :
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Gareth G

Here's a few of mine:D

Northern ireland's winning goal v england:D i was there, i was also there when we beat spain 3-2 :D

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Looking for a Manager
25 July 2005
Arsenal Thread
The Arsenal FC
Brotherly love....do you think they`ll miss us when we leave? I`m captain I`m not going anywhere

The Good Times...GARY NEVILLE said "Stop being Ruud!"

Pizza..!!! Look at that cunt cashley...celebrates like a bitchass
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2 August 2004
Hahahha... some great pics here guys. Keep it up. :applause:

@ClassicD, where did you get those extremely high quality BIG pics!? :eek:

They look amazing!! Just look at the rain!! :eek:

If I can find some other cool ones THAT BIG and that high quality, I will change my desktop (Right not featuring an incredible hottie! :mrgreen:) so my desktop has a football theme for a while before it goes back to T & A again! :mrgreen:


13 November 2006
I couldn't resist posting these. It was so funny at the time, and turned him into a cult figure. Definitely a memorable moment of 2006. :lol:

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