Best Jerseys in The World



Please list or show the best Jerseys in your mind here

My personal favorite is................


Total Football
9 December 2002
London, Toronto
Milanista said:
AC Milan 2002-2003 Home:
I second that! freaking sweet shirt - tho', i had to order mine from bloody Toronto as they were none in UK!! The dual layer mesh is amazing.

But.. is a very close tie in my eyes with this...

Just so sad i never got it and it is now sold out! :(
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1 October 2003
Manchester United
Yeah. Thats nice.
I always like the Marseille away kit for some reason. Its like the current Milan one but with blue and black stripes.


toronto?! that's an odd place to have a football shirt mailed to you...

anyway, rui's wearing a full shin guard and socks pulled up in that picture... you sure it's not a fake? ;)



I would have to say that may favorite has to be the Juventus jersyes with Kappa as the maker and the sponser was Sony Mini Disc. Great Jersey.


29 July 2004
Liverpool Football Club
First Liverpool shirt I bought, one of my favourites

Liverpool Third '94



out the window
8 August 2003
Madeira, Portugal.
FC Porto
That last Barça kit rocks too.
One of the reasons I love the barça kits so much is that there is no sponsorship on the shirt! Only the maker (Nike) and the symbol of the club!
But I heard that will change next year! :(


30 March 2003
London -> New York -> San Francisco
Liverpool FC
senna84 said:
Jeeah! I love this kit - I was just about to post it. Nike recently re-released it under their total90 brand I think.

The 2004/5 Liverpool kit, though not a classic, had a nice tone of red this time IMHO. The champions league one is going to be released soon by Subside:

Best Liverpool kit though has to be from 1984:



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1 October 2003
Manchester United
I like the current Holland one. Anyone have a picture of their current black one?


hopefully it won't turn into "post kit of team you support" :P

I like Barca home and Barca away Gold (that was a time when Rivaldo played) and Fenerbahce home which looks like Juventus kit but in yellow-black stripes
from NT kits I like Holland goddamn_orange_oh_my_eyes kit and Italian one from material which looks like blue shining satine and silver numbers, probably world's most fashioned kit (but well, Italy is known from being fashion centre)
I'll post a pic if I'll find some


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9 January 2004
in the boots thread
Lille, de oranje!
oops wow so many nice jerseys posted above good stuff guys i hope we can get some more works of art this coming season
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