Best Lookin Bird in the Hiphop/RnB world.


Deep like Titanic
10 August 2004
The Arse
phrase said:
Whom u guys think is the most delicious lookin bird ever or currently in the Hiphop/RnB world.Kindly post a pic too..For me,currently Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas,takes the cake.God Dayummm Shes Hot!
Mate, what you smokin? She looks hot in videos etc but in the flesh she's got a face like shit run over;


Can't see far beyond Amerie;



12 December 2002
Little Mancunia
I think Brooke Valentine is simmering hot now too.I love her Girl Fight video.Dont you guys love it if your chick could fight too? I love cat fights...dayum,you get free easter eggs everytime....hahaha​
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